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Hung Hoang is a large forest company with a long tradition of meeting the most demanding needs of our customers. Together with our secure supply of raw material, this makes us a safe and valued international partner. 

51,000 Swedish forest owners jointly own Södra Group, a 2 billion EUR company. Together our owners hold nearly 2.6 million hectares of production forest in Sweden.

Hung Hoang's sawmills have a capacity of 2 million cubic metres of sawn timber per year with 70 percent of production exported. Our timber products are available sawn, planed and treated (pressure impregnation) to meet the needs of all types of construction and building operations. 

We target customers who demand high quality in terms of both products and delivery service. About 70% of our production is dedicated to building products for high-quality purposes. The timber is manufactured in a variety of lengths, dimensions and qualities to meet a variety of customer requirements. The sawn and planed products are sorted by strength and meet all applicable industry standards.


Södra Wood owns  7 sawmills (Värö, Mönsterås, Långasjö, Kisa, Orrefors, Unnefors and Hamina) producing spruce and pine and two pressure treatment plants in the Nordic region, with different specialities and possibilities. In our sawmills, we have both the technology and the experience to be flexible to our customers´ various needs of dimensions, quality, delivery time and quantity.

We continuously develop our product range in close partnership with our major customers. We have the capacity and expertise to meet our customers’ various needs and requirements regarding lengths, widths, profiles, surface treatments and quality standards. In addition, the size of our operations means that we have the capacity to stock a large number of standard products, thereby ensuring rapid delivery of placed orders.


Our members assure a secure supply and access to the high-quality raw material. The Södra Group is owned jointly by 51,000 Swedish forest owners. Together, our members hold close to 2.6 million hectares of production forest in Sweden. This means that our raw material supply is unusually consistent which, in turn, enables us to offer our customers a high degree of reliable delivery

Sawlogs in southern Sweden are known for their strength and suitability for construction timber. 


Södra is supplying wood products on a global basis. We have fully owned sales offices in Germany, China, USA and Great Britain. In addition, we work in partnerships with several other companies and are present in Denmark, the Netherlands and North Africa.


We offer logistics support in selected regions with dedicated warehouses stocked with a wide range of products adapted to the individual market. This ensures good service and swift delivery for our customers. Our logistics warehouses are paired with appropriate sawmills, matching production to the range of products carried in each warehouse. For instance, Södra distributes products via four storage terminals in Dundee, Wicklow, New Holland and Sherness and in the US imports go via the Port of Philadelphia or Port Caneveral, where products are stored indoors for year-round protection. Other port calls are based on minimum volumes and are subject to discussion.


Nature is our lifeblood and we invest heavily in our forests, assuring they thrive and can supply us with the raw materials we, and our customers, will need in the future. Environmental and energy issues are important for us and we devote substantial effort to reduce our environmental impact and energy consumption. We work according to the life-cycle principle and the energy used in our own industries is obtained from residual products from forestry. Any surplus energy generated by our production is distributed onwards as green electricity.

Our actions to promote conscientious forestry operations are of great importance to us. The overwhelming majority of our raw material suppliers are certified under the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFCTM) and the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) systems. FSC® and PEFCTM are the world’s largest certification systems. The business area Södra Wood is also certified (license code FSC®-C015771, FSC®-C030473 ) and a minimum of 65 percent of production is certified according to both standards.

Södra Wood also provides CE marked construction timber. CE marking has been established by the European Commission and is required for products to be sold on the European market. The certification requirements for the products are stated in the special directives. The manufacturer certifies that certification requirements are met by establishing a declaration of conformity, as well as placing the CE mark on the product.

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